About the Foundation

The Foundation, a 501C3 nonprofit, is committed to motivating, training and coordinating volunteers to knit and crochet afghans and clothing for people in need. To this end, the Foundation:

  • Promotes, trains and encourages individual volunteers and groups to adopt the WUA! program as a local activity;
  • Supports and assists these local volunteers by providing information and instructional materials through its web site and mailings;
  • Acts as a collection point and facility for completed sections to have them assembled into completed afghan blankets, and
  • Collects completed afghan blankets for distribution to various charitable organizations and agencies that hand out the afghans to homeless and needy persons.

In addition, the Foundation is involved in expanding Warm Up America! to involve more:

  • Children, through schools and youth groups;
  • Community, church and older adult organizations;
  • Businesses, through corporate lunchtime programs.


Warm Up America! is fast becoming a favorite project of teachers, Scout, 4-H, and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America groups. It involves kids in a worthwhile, community program, enables them to learn a skill that will last a lifetime, plus, strengthens their math, reading and motor skills. To assist teachers in introducing Warm Up America and a knitting or crocheting curriculum to their classes, the Foundation has a helpful web site: www.teachknitandcrochet.org with guidelines and tips.

Community, Church and Older Adult Organizations & Businesses

The program appeals to all ages. For community, church, senior residences and senior centers, it is a favorite project, in many cases sponsored year-round. Increasingly, employers of large and small corporations are encouraging employees to get involved with charitable activities, meeting at lunchtime or after work. Warm Up America! is a great activity for a lunch hour that also builds team spirit.