Box of 500

Box of 500 is more than just a program, it’s a journey involving many people. Volunteers all over the country knit and crochet 7" by 9" sections and send them to the WUA! office. We add sections into a box until we reach 500 sections and send these boxes to our volunteer joiners, who join the sections together into completed blankets. Joiners either donated the completed blankets in their own communities or send them back to WUA! so we can send them where they're needed most.


How it works: 

  1. Crochet or knit one or more 7’’ by 9’’ sections. Please weave in your ends.
  2. Send your sections to the WUA! office (3740 N Josey Ln #126, Carrollton, TX 75007)
  3. Each section will be packed up into a Box of 500
  4. Sections will be joined into blankets by volunteers across the U.S.
  5. Each blanket will be donated to a person in need


Interested in receiving a Box of 500? Email us at 

Note: We ask that all volunteers receiving a Box of 500 contribute a $50 donation to help us cover the cost of shipping the box. The WUA! coordinator will be in contact with volunteers who email us to receive a box of sections. We will ask them to make the donation before shipping the box to them.

Please note: No items sent by or on behalf of WUA!, including blankets assembled using 7"by 9" sections, should be sold, auctioned, or donated to resale organizations without explicit written consent from WUA!


We need your financial support to build our charity network. Help us to ship, deliver and create more warm blankets and clothing for people less fortunate than ourselves. 


Volunteers can donate their time to crochet and knit one or more 7" by 9" sections, as well as entire blankets and accessories. Sections are either joined by individuals or groups in a community.

Mail items to:

3740 N Josey Ln Suite #126, Carrollton, TX 75007


There is strength in numbers and one of the ways you can help Warm Up America! is by sharing word of the good things we're doing together.