Afghan Assembly Tips

Lay out 49 squares on a table or the floor to determine the final arrangement by color and/or texture, then join them using one of the following methods.

We'd like to point out that the 7" by 9" size was selected because it was a convenient size to join together to form a full-size afghan. We also needed uniformity of size to be able to join sections knitted and crocheted by different people across the country. That is why it is so helpful that the sections you send in be as close to 7" x 9" as possible.

However, if you have an interest in making an entire afghan, you can knit or crochet your afghan to any size or pattern you wish. There is a need, for instance, for baby afghans (approximately 32" by 38") and lap throws, which are much smaller than the standard Warm Up America! afghan. If you want to make several sections, but not an entire afghan, consider knitting or crocheting a 7" by 63" strip (Diagram A). It makes assembling much easier and less time consuming.

assembly diagramAlso remember that while sections are supposed to be 7" by 9", everyone's tension is a little different and several brands of yarns have been used, so the size of the blocks will vary. Therefore, it may be necessary to "stretch" some blocks and "ease in" others when assembling.

Finally, it is helpful to label wool yarns, sections and afghans because greater care is needed in cleaning wool. It is also better not to mix wool sections with the synthetic yarn sections for the same reason.

Finishing Touches—Joining Squares

Assembling A Standard Warm Up America! Afghan

To complete a standard 49" by 63" Warm Up America! afghan requires 49 sections. We've found that forming vertical strips (Diagram A) is a good way to begin. After you have joined sections and completed seven vertical strips, join the vertical strips together.

To join individual sections or strips, we recommend that you:

  • Backstitch (Diagram B) or weave (Diagram C) seams together with a yarn needle or
    backstitch diagramweave seam diagram
  • Crochet the seams together or
  • Zig-zag the seams together on your sewing machine using a large-size stitch and a neutral or transparent thread.


When joining sections, do not pull the working yarn too tightly. Seams should have some elasticity. And keep your stitch line close to the edge so that you do not create a thick, bulky seam.

Depending on what squares wind up on the out-side edge of the afghan, some edges, such as those worked in stockinette stitch, have a tendency to curl. It might be helpful to work two rows of single crochet around the joined squares to give an attractive finished appearance to your afghan.

Please reproduce and distribute as many copies of these patterns as you would like!