Ways to stay connected while social distancing!

Join the WUA! Makers Group on Facebook

We know it’s hard to feel disconnected during the pandemic our country is facing right now. If you are not already a member of the Warm Up America! Makers group on Facebook, we encourage you to join now to stay in touch with thousands of other makers all stitching to help us Warm Up America! Click this link to join: https://bit.ly/2Uwhq9K. We just ask that you answer a couple questions – we accept everyone who answers the questions into the group!

Though we aren’t accepting donations right now, we know you guys are busy stitching away and we can’t wait to receive all of your wonderful donations again soon. We noticed a lot of people already talking about this in the Makers group, but we wanted to provide some suggestions of ways to stay connected with other makers during this time:

  • Video meetups: Conduct face to face meetings or stitch groups over video platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, and others. Anyone is welcome to initiate this in the Makers group for others to join in if they’d like!
  • Post what you’re working on to pass the time: Continue to post pictures and updates of what you’re working on! Some members of the group post every day of the week with a different theme to talk about what they’re working on. Example: “Make it Monday” – search Make it Monday to find these posts!
  • Use this time to finish your WIPs: Now is the perfect time to get out that old project you’ve been meaning to finish. Use up your yarn scraps to make sections, finish those projects you’ve been putting off, and show us your progress in the Makers group!

Warm Up America! Live With Twinkie Chan

Tune in this Thursday (3/26) at 5 pm CST on the Warm Up America! Facebook page to watch Twinkie Chan live as she does a tutorial for a 7″ by 9″ section. If you’re unable to watch at that time, the videos are always available to watch later on our Facebook page.

This month’s tutorial is a fun section perfect for Spring. You’ll also learn about a campaign coming up in April hosted by the Craft Yarn Council that couldn’t come at a better time for everyone practicing social distancing at home right now!

Giveaway Opportunities!

We have two exciting giveaway opportunities for the month of April:

  • Stitch Away Stress: Every year in April the Craft Yarn Council celebrates Stress Awareness Month by promoting the Stitch Away Stress campaign. This year we are doing a survey asking people how they’re using yarn at home to stitch away their stress. Click here to take the survey: https://bit.ly/2wDbcwX. You can take it anytime in the month of April for a chance to win a $25 JOANN gift card! Make sure you select Warm Up America! as the place you heard about the survey to be entered into the drawing (this is the last question in the survey; you can choose multiple answers but WUA! must be one of them)!
  • Unboxing Tuesday posts: Every Tuesday in the month of April, we will post on our Warm Up America! Facebook page at noon asking everyone to post a picture of what they’re working on in place of our usual Unboxing videos. At the end of the month, we will choose one person who commented on one of these posts to win a $25 JOANN gift card!

Saber Healthcare Group® Lap Blanket and Shawl Drive

Created in 2001, the vision of the Saber Healthcare Group® was built upon, and still remains, a vision of providing respectful, compassionate, high quality care to the people of its communities. Since that time they have grown to 117 communities and care for over 9,000 seniors in seven states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Delaware, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Warm Up America! is working with Saber Healthcare Group® to provide lap blankets and shawls to the seniors they serve in their facilities. Any size shawls are acceptable and suggested size for lap blankets is 35″ by 45″. They have partnered with Warm Up America! to help bring comfort to seniors in need during this challenging and unprecedented time. We ask that you send your items directly to the locations listed in the link below and NOT to the Warm Up America! office. We are providing this opportunity for you to still make items even though we currently aren’t accepting donations at our office.

Please see this list for the facility addresses and items needed at each facility: https://bit.ly/2JbeJFlNote: This document is best viewed on a computer. Viewing on a phone or tablet could result in part of the document view being cut off.

Please fill out this form (https://forms.gle/Vdc3iQaQHB1T31hPA) when you have sent items to a facility. If you sent donations to multiple locations, fill out the form for each location.

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